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Liam Neeson

This is why I just can't take the left seriously. Liberals and the media are going around talking about how Liam Neeson is zomg! a big evil racist who deserves no forgiveness!

If you read the actual interview, he never even entertained the idea of killing an innocent black person.

“I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could … kill him.”

If someone comes out of a pub and has a go at you about something (which presumably means violently accost him), they're not innocent now, are they? He would have been acting in self-defense.

Now, to be certain, the idea that he would have gotten satisfaction out of the act BECAUSE the person happened to be black is dispicable in and of itself. However, he expressed remorse at this and his point was that we need to think about where racist thoughts might be coming from and work to rid ourselves of them. That we should strive to be better than our primal instincts.

But the looney left insists that he was just looking to murder any random black person and the only reason he didn't is because of blind luck that he couldn't find a victim.

Tragedy and Ideology

Am I the only one who sees just a hint of irony in the many reform and conservative Jews who are questioning the Jew status of other Jews who might dare to welcome the President in Pittsburgh?

In the wake of this tragedy, it is sad to see how many people are literally unable to separate differences in political ideology from the most virulent forms of extremism. In all sincerity and with absolutely no shame, the media and the left (basically indistinguisable at this point) equate anything other than unrepentent condemnation of anything even remotely Republican as being just as bad as the shooter himself. It is basically the mainstream view at this point that those who are not even conservative, but dare to break bread with the other side in a show of unity, are contributing to the climate of hate and intolerance that breeds these monstrous acts.

This country is in trouble.

One day...

One day, Trump, or someone inspired by him down the road, is going to tell one of these judges who have no respect for process and are simply issuing rulings like kings, because they have the power to do so and their decision, if followed, would lead to the social outcome that they want, he's going to tell one of those judges to go screw and that he does not recognize his authority to issue basis, arbitrary rulings from the bench with no accountability. I really would like to see Trump ignore the lower court orders telling him he can't scrap DACA, and continue deportations anyway. Then we'd be in for a real treat. SJWs would yell and say fascist and all the liberal talking heads would say Trump has no respect for the rule of law, all because someone who the constitution, in plain text, states does not have the authority to do what they did, in fact tried to exercise that nonexistent authority, and got smacked down. Get you some Jacksonian Balls Trump. The judiciary is a sacred cow because ZOMG the civil rights movement! It's time for that hamburger to get cooked.


I don't think people realize just what a cultural turning point the Roseanne reboot is. A mainstream, unapologetic, conservative sitcom setting records on prime time on a mainstream network, at a time when being a Trump supporter in Hollywood (liberally defined to include all entertainment) is the equivalent of giving up the names of communist actors during McCarthyism. There is no reason for this show to be on the air in any capacity other than as an original web series produced by some third tier startup with funding from a company subsidized by Fox. Nevertheless, the MAGA crowd has an icon on national television. It is said that law follows culture. I wonder if the big entertainment executives are finally starting to see the righting on the wall and realize you can't keep a relevant product afloat for much longer with the openly hostile to anything right-of-left-of-center. We have to support this. The one sector of society that we conservatives have never been able to get our hands on are the culture making institutions that drive liberalism forward in terms of both legitimacy and extremity. If we can capture even a small percent, say 15-20% of the movies, music, tv, sports, and entertainment world and make it safe for conservatives to speak, create, and share their work at the highest level, we could successfully contain the liberal, cultural-Marxist menace. For that to happen, we need genuinely talented actors, singers, directors, show runners, creators, musicians, and athletes of all varieties, and the ability to organize them to promote films and messages that show visual representations of what heros and happy endings look like from a conservative perspective. Right now, this sector of society is dominated almost exclusively by the left. There is an audience out there who appreciates mainstream, pop culture media whose members also identify as conservative. The audience is there, but nobody has been able to reach them. Does Roseanne show us the way?


I have a question for those of you who have Facebook.

I do not have it, and never did. However, it looks like I am going to end up having to get one because my future classmates are starting a group for us.

Is there a way that you can have it set up so that other people cannot see who your friends are, or what groups you are part of?

For example, if my mom is one of my friends on Facebook, but I don't want her to see that I am friends with a bunch of porn stars or am a member of the group "Legalize It!"?