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Good Judge

A California judicial official makes a proper ruling and demonstrates an understanding of the constitution and basic principles of liberty. Hell must have frozen over.


College football

What a Rose Bowl! Look at Georgia under Kirby Smart and Miami under Mark Richt and you'll understand why we had to pull the plug on the later to get the former, and why it paid off.

Up next is Bama in an all SEC title game.


Cold Outside

Nice chilly morning after Christmas. Was Santa good to everyone?

Remote Start

Early Christmas present to myself this year was getting a remote start installed on my vehicle. It was money well spent. While everyone else is out in the parking lot with their ice scrapers, I just stand in a window on the 5th floor and press a button and then wait for the ice to melt and then go get in my nice warm car.
Two Kraft instant mac 'n cheese with additional slices of american cheese mixed in with what is in the pot, and then some chicken of the sea cannned tuna thrown in to make a very ghetto tuna cassarole right in my own microwave. Downed with a Sprite Zero. #nurselife



Had a patient last night who speaks Basque. That's something you just don't see too often 'round these parts.

First Snow

First snow of the year! Yay! It's about time. Ready for some cold weather.

Senator Fagg

Among the early hopefuls to challenge Democrat incumbent senator Jon Tester in the 2018 midterm elections, is former district judge Russell Fagg, of Billings.


He'll be getting my vote for the comedic value alone.


PSA: If what you are doing is supported by half the American people, and has the backing of society's culture-making institutions, then it cannot properly be defined as courageous.